Start Your Campaign with 5 Smart Moves

Candidates across the United States are preparing for the 2016 election. Getting off to the right start will save time, money and other precious campaign resources. The candidate that begins her campaign with these five smart moves increases her odds of success exponentially.

1. Hire a campaign manager and fundraiser
The candidate’s job is to spread her message, meet with voters and raise the money necessary to do both. A skilled, experienced campaign manager and fundraiser are worth their weight in gold.

2. Have a written campaign plan
A written campaign plan is the foundation of an organized, effective campaign – a winning campaign. The campaign plan is the roadmap to victory for the candidate, campaign staff and supporters.

3. Identify a political base
A political base is necessary for votes, community support and financial support.

4. Know the issues
The candidate’s first job is to find out what issues are of most importance to voters. There is no guess work allowed here, a candidate must get out and hear from the voters first hand. Voters want to know what the candidate plans to do to fix their problems.

5. Leverage technology
Technology is an indispensible tool for fundraising and communications in a political campaign. A candidate should use social media to take her message directly to voters as well her fundraising appeals. Her website is a 24/7 portal for campaign contributions.